10 years old!

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It’s our 10th anniversary of owning and operating Jimmy Jibs in New Zealand (and occasionally other parts of the world too)!  And we’re still going strong!

The first jib arrived in January 2002 and has seen plenty of jib shoots over the last 10 years.  In fact its still the favourite – and usually the first one out the door.

Jib 2 followed in 2004 and gave greater capability to handle an increasing workload for jib shoots – as well as the logistical advantages when it came to shipping gear around the countryside.

Then in 2006 number 3 arrived further enhancing the ability to provide jib services – and a backup for the existing jibs.

Along the way we’ve added numerous accessories, upgraded support gear (monitors, cabling etc), increased the spares inventory – and through Image NZ Ltd, increased the options for cameras available with the jib package.

We’ve also done some pretty cool shoots over the years too – from corporates to the annual ‘Christmas in the Park, along with a couple of overseas shoots (‘The Crunch’ in China and ‘Endurance’ in Fiji).