Miller Pro-jib

Posted by on June 7, 2009 in News | 0 comments

Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes now has a Miller ‘Pro Jib’ available for hire.


Features of the Pro Jib:


  • Portable and lightweight: Designed for single operator set-up, weighs only 11.4kg (25lb), packs down to 1.2m (48″) and supports cameras up to 25kg (50lb).
  • Smooth Diagonal Tracking: The silk-smooth diagonal tracking shots of the Pro Jib add a third dimension to traditional camera pan & tilt movements.
  • Versatile Height Range: A 2m (6′) swing, plus the height range of tripod mounting lets you shoot from ground level to over 2 metres.
  • The Pro Jib is supplied with a Miller Heavy Duty single stage aluminium tripod.


A studio tracking dolly and Miller Arrow HD Pan & Tilt Head are also available.