Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes shoot for Panasonic Visuals, Osaka

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A boutique hotel, bikini clad models – the perfect setting for a television commercial production by agency Panasonic Visuals Osaka for Skyworth TV, Japan.

The Japanese production crew included; Nonaka-san (Creative Director), Matsuura-san (Cinematographer) and Sakurai-san (Video Technician).

Local company ‘Wanted’ produced and facilitated the production and NZ crew.

Shot on location around the Auckland area on HD NTSC using Fujinon video primes. The HD NTSC camera and lenses were imported specially for the shoot with additional equipment provided by Panavision NZ Ltd and Rocket Rentals NZ Ltd.

Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes provided a 9m Triangle rig on tracks for the swimming pool sequence shot at a boutique hotel on Waiheke Island.

The HD camera with 10mm Video Prime was mounted to the standard hothead. Focus control was achieved using the Stanton follow focus unit and right angle focus motor with film lens gears attached to the matt box rods. Focus accuracy could be continuously monitored via the witness camera system mounted on the lens, showing a close-up view of the aperture and focus positions on a monitor at the jib control box.

Making full use of the setup, the Japanese crew shot from a variety of angles – using the jib to achieve shots directly over the model in the pool. Material shot could be replayed and viewed on the ground using the camera remote control system giving instant confirmation of the success of of the shot – or the need to repeat the action.