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‘The Renovator’ – TVC

  A last minute call saw Jimmy Jib Camera...

‘Kiwi Challenge’ Golf tournament

When the ‘Kiwi Challenge’ came to...

Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes shoot for Panasonic Visuals, Osaka

A boutique hotel, bikini clad models...

About Us

Specialists in Jimmy Jibs!

Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes specialise in providing the latest Jimmy Jib equipment and experienced jib operators.

Our impressive credits list includes work for local and overseas clients and includes dramas, documentaries, commercials, music videos, entertainment & sport.

We operate the latest Jimmy Jib Triangle equipment to the highest safety standards and have an excellent track record for customer satisfaction.

Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes have three comprehensive Jimmy Jib Triangle Camera Crane Systems available for video and film production.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand – the jib systems are easily transportable and can be available anywhere in New Zealand.

Everything required to set up and operate the Jimmy Jib Camera Crane is included in the package. The system can run from 12v DC or 240v AC power and the jib arm can be mounted on a wheeled base for easy relocation of the jib while rigged, making it extremely portable and flexible when a variety of shots are required from different positions.


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Jimmy Jib News

September 13, 2013 |

‘The Warehouse’ TVC

Shooting ‘The Warehouse’ TVC with a RED...

January 13, 2013 |

4 PMW350 Cameras now available

Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes now have 4 Sony PMW350 XDCam EX camcorders available (via parent company ImageNZ...

October 3, 2012 |

Purina TVC

Shooting the Purina TVC on Lake Pupuke with Mahe...

February 5, 2012 |

‘The Zoo’

A fun day shooting at the Auckland Zoo – for series 12 of ‘The Zoo’. ¬†Spider Monkeys,...

January 11, 2012 |

Heineken Open – Tennis

  Currently shooting the Heineken Open at Stanley Street in Auckland – Live on Sky...

January 8, 2012 |

10 years old!

  It’s our 10th anniversary of owning and operating Jimmy Jibs in New Zealand (and occasionally other...

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