Q: How many jibs do you have?

We have 3 9m/30ft Jimmy Jib Triangles and the support gear to assemble and operate the jibs.  Each jib system comes complete with Hothead, Remotes, Monitors, Comms etc – everything that the operators need to do the job.


Q: How long does it take to set up a jib?

This can vary a lot – depending on the location and access.  Generally a typical field shoot would take between 1-1.5hrs to setup.  A jib on an OB might take a bit longer.  It depends on the size of jib to be built, the location of the jib, access from the van to the jib location and so on.


Q: Do you dry hire the jibs?

No.  We only hire with at least one operator who is experienced at operating and knows the gear.  Its really not worth the risk or the hassle to dry hire the jibs.  And from your point of view, its better to have a jib crew that can rig, operate and derig the jib as efficiently as possible – there are a lot of bits’n’pieces that go with the jib – and you need to know where they all go to assemble and operate it safely.

We do have a Miller Pro-jib that is available for hire.  This is  a 2m manually operated mini-jib arm.


Q: What cameras can you put on the jib?

Pretty much anything – up to the maximum head weight of the jib.  We’ve put handycams to Arri 3 BL’s and 535’s on the hothead.  Its helpful to know in advance what camera you are intending to shoot with.  Some cameras are actually a bit light – so we may need to add some extra weight to the hothead for best performance.  With the heavier cameras, its best to keep the kit slim – ie lightweight mattbox, prime lenses,  smaller film mags etc.  Over the years, we’ve used everything from Sony Z1P’s to Panasonic Varicams.  For control of the camera, the main thing is the lens.  With a broadcast grade ENG lens, we can control Zoom/Focus/Iris – with other lenses, we may have less control without additional gear.


Q: How portable is the jib?

Very.  The Jimmy Jib is one of the most versatile jibs around.  It is a lightweight crane – and can be easily transported and assembled in pretty much any location.  Depending on the size of the arm, 2 or 3 people can carry a fully rigged jib arm from one location to another (minus hothead and camera of course).


Q: How do you transport the jibs?

Usually the jibs are transported in a Toytoa HiAce van – we can easily fit a complete 12m Jimmy Jib and accessory gear into the van.  For more difficult locations, we have a HiAce 4WD van to get the gear to the spot required.  We can also pack a 9m jib on a standard shipping pallet and freight it pretty much anywhere in New Zealand.  The whole system on a pallet weighs in at less than 700kg including the counterbalance weights.  If all else fails, we can always put everything in a sling and helicopter it in to the location – its been done before!


Q: What is the maximum camera weight the jib can take?

The Jimmy Jib can take a maximum camera weight of 23kg up to 9m/30ft.  At 12m/40ft the maximum weight is 11kg.


Q: How much does it cost to hire a jib?

This can vary depending on the requirements of the job – the best thing to do is email us with details of what you need and we can provide a quote.


Q: What lengths can the jib be built to?

The Jimmy Jib can be built in 3ft sections – up to 12m/40ft.  We generally carry a 9m/30ft jib and build to a size for the shots required.  It can take 15-30 mins to rebuild the jib to a different size.


Q: Do you sell the Jimmy Jib equipment?

No.  Over the last 10 years, we’ve had numerous emails and phone calls (at all times of the day and night) from people wanting to enquire about purchasing a Jimmy Jib.  We don’t sell the jib equipment.  We are owner/operators.  Some of the gear we use has been specifically designed and manufactured for our purposes – but we don’t sell any of the Jimmy Jib gear.  If you want to purchase a Jimmy Jib system, please contact the manufacturer at www.jimmyjib.com.